FORGED Carbon Fiber Samsung Case

FORGED Carbon Fiber Samsung Case

FORGED Carbon Fiber Samsung Case

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Innovation, that's what is all about. The new generation of FORGED cases are built with the highest quality materials which are not just awesome-looking, but strong and durable. 

- Engineered from the finest quality of REAL FORGED Carbon Fiber

- All of our phone cases DO NOT affect your phone signal

- Designed with a raised front lip to protect your phone's screen when faced down

- Our case ALLOWS wireless charging when it's on your phone

- Compatible with our Shatterproof Screen Guard

- Extremely durable & great protection for your phone

- Matte sides to ensure a non-slip grip. Two different grips.

- Case weight is an extremely light 19 grams

Note: Same material for all Samsung models, only changing the camera and charger wholes.

Shipping: 18-25 days.

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